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The role of packaging


Packaging is one of the most important ingredients of marketing Packaging determines and influences the consumer behavior , helps strengthening brand attitude , aids brand recall and above all serves itself as an advertisement and promotes the product . Food packaging especially has come out of age , and most of the international brands prefer a designer wrapper , because the commercial pressure is so high to produce something stunning . Thus a packaging design which is innovative conceptual and engaging is the only answer to stand out in the competition . Moreover consumer tastes in food

and drink have become more sophisticated , and of course their awareness of packaging designs a simple packet of crisps can with the right packaging , become something essentially aspirational in character . The popular international brands in breakfast cereals offer a good example in this area . The brand that has been taken for analysis is the Kellogg 's Rice Krispies cereal that `has been delivering magical moments to breakfast tables for nearly 80 years ' Kellogg 's Rice Krispies offers an attractive packaging that lures not only the children but also their parents . The manufacturer has used good graphics and colour schemes to the products in the Rice Krispies series particularly to suit the ingredients the Berry Krispies uses a purple colour as a reminder of berry fruits , Cocoa Krispies get a chocolate colour and so on . The graphical , typography and copywriting also engages the consumer in dialog rather than acting as brand billboards . The packaging also conveys the manufacturer 's promise that it is healthy and at the same time a premium breakfast cereal . The manufacturer could have included more design input , which can be done easily changing the shape of the container . The other competitors that offer good packaging are Quaker Oatmeal Squares , Life and Nestle Golden Grahams

Work cited

Hargreaves Ben . Successful Food Packaging Design . Rotovision Switzerland , 2006


Kellogg 's products Quaker products...

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