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The role of the federal government to crime control

What should the role of the federal government be when it comes to crime control

The federal government has and should remain to have the highest jurisdiction on criminal matters , especially on large-scale issues that threaten national security

The current criminal justice system is very complicated . To put it simply , all law enforcement agencies , from local to federal , work under the President . Each law enforcement agency has its own set of policies that has been approved in the state level . Also , each agency is independent of each other , allowing them to

check and balance one another . The head of the country has ultimate jurisdiction over the entire system . He has jurisdiction but he should not interfere on issues that can be solved on the lower levels

The federal government became involved in all aspects of the system to respond to the rising criminality in the country . The involvement is justified since more uniform laws are needed to combat more serious crimes . However , the interpretation of the laws should remain with the justices of the country in accordance with the constitution

By giving the president the highest position in the criminal justice system , the country has one unified crime-fighting force . When there is a need to consolidate operations to fight big-time criminals , there won 't be confusion on who gets to head the operation . The federal government can decide how the combined forces will operate . A good example is the response to terroristic attacks in a particular state Without one central governing person , the independent forces may feel that they 're overpassing on other territories and would respond too late on emergency situations

As for policy-making , the president should let the legislators debate among themselves concerning crime laws . His role should be on critiquing the law and giving it an objective appraisal . This way , he would be able to contribute more in the improvement of the system


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