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What role does Motivation play upon learning

Running Head : What role does Motivation play upon learning






In this short article , the role of motivation in learning phase is explained ib brief . Then the discussion follows various factors that motivate students and motivation definition is also explained

From the very beginning of the civilization and advance of his understanding of the natural world as it was , man has tried to come on a certain level of understanding that can explain all the behaviours as well as the explanation to

the natural processes . In the conquest , he has moved on from one level to the other with undying appetite of manipulating and changing his surroundings to suit his then present needs and desires . Motivation can come from many sources such as ones aims and goals in life , parents ' life story , but the most important of it all is the attitude towards life . Attitude is very important for deciding the course of life that people choose . Sometimes due to lack of proper attitude , the person`s abilities are not explored potentially and hence go wasted . However , according to Rodney`s article on teaching students the love of learning , the attitudinal vacancy can be fulfilled (for example : by adopting a role model theory of learning . The objective in encouraging a love of learning and a wish to acquire new skills should not be seen as one with an immediate pay-off , but rather as an "investment " in the future . This is especially the case in view...

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