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response 7(the tradition-fact and fiction)

RESPONSE TO : The Tradition : Fact and Fiction

What is Coles saying about documentary work ? What are the issues ? What is the train of thought

In The Tradition : Fact and Fiction , Robert Coles starts with a declaration of the conventional view of documentary work . He discusses that doing documentary work is often equated by many as an act of doing exactly the opposite of what fictional and artists do- creating and constructing ideas out of imagination . However , the first issue he points out is that such view of documentary work is not much

br appropriate . He goes further by emphasizing that though documentary work aims to uphold actuality ' such outputs from documentation offer a different kind of truth ' and reality

Coles explains his point further as he talks about two photographers Jane Lange and Walker Evans . He examines the work of the two , the popular photographs that they have produced , the processes they used in making the photographs , the messages that they wanted to communicate through the use of the photos . Coles explores the works of his student in an attempt to support his claim that documentary work is not the exact opposite of a fictional literary piece

By examining the works of the photographers , Cole shows that while Lange and Evans do their work with the hopes of deviating from a fictional creation , their aims of constructing a pertinent message and conclusion about their work made them vulnerable to the act of manipulating their observations . He analyses their ways and then addresses the issue of the kind of reality ' that is being portrayed by the documenters Through a careful delineation of the evolution of the photographs taken by the students - from a partial view of what can be observed to a close-up view of what he documenter wants to focus , Cole designates a new operational meaning for documentary work . He emphasizes that doing documentary work is much like portraying reality ' in a light that is in line with the documenter 's desired views and ideas

Near the end of his essay , Cole then concludes that while actual documentary work is not a pure portrayal of reality . He then emphasizes that regardless of how a documenter 's view and message affect his /her work , there is nothing wrong with the way the work is done , as long as it is in line with the objective ' ways by which reality should be observed . He further concludes that Documentary tradition is a continuous record that is made in so many ways ' and Doing documentary work is a journey . As a result , he points out that each documentary work should be considered not as the actual truth but as a product of a documenter 's quest to find the truth

How might you argue for the discarded images or the close-up view ? What are the issues ? What is at stake

As Agee points out , document research has a responsibility to fact Following the traditional principles of communication research documentations should be made in strict...

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