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response journal

That which does not kill me , makes me stronger

This quote is frequently heard and spoken in times of great pain and loss . It tries to make sense of all the hurt the world has to offer What people want more than anything is the ability to make sense of all the things in life that go wrong . Essentially turning a negative into a positive . This is part of the great spirit of optimism that is uniquely American . Unfortunately , there is no rhyme or reason to pain or loss No one is better

off from being raped , no one is made stronger by having been called names because of their race , or being beaten as a child . I do not think that what does not kill me makes me stronger . I do believe that hard things , bad things makes people realize what they are truly capable of , what they are able to recover from , and what they value

Four years ago my family suffered a terrible loss . My 21 year old sister was killed in a terrible auto accident on March 7 , it was the most devastating thing that ever happened to me and my family . We are recovering , slowly . As the years go by I miss her more but the pain is less . I do not feel that I am stronger simply because my sister died I can guarantee my parents do not feel stronger for having loss a child It was through the loss of my sister that I realized how much I loved her and how important she was to all of us . It was through her death that I valued my family more and refused to ever again take them for granted . What did not killed me made me realize what I have and what I lost

For people who are already had their fair share of disappointment , what does not kill them can really mess them up . Child abusers , alcoholics drug abusers , the homeless are all examples of people who through their own personal bad experiences did not rise to the occasion . They suffered and they continue to suffer . They were not made stronger , they were overwhelmed and burden - essentially destroying their lives

I appreciate and admire anyone who has the ability to draw great strength from their own personal loss . Optimism is always welcomed in a world full of bad surprises . But I prefer a more realistic approach to life . Bad things and good things in life - I expect both and I prepare for each ...

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