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Fearless Speech : A Response

29 November 2007

Fearless Speech : A Response


Fearless Speech (Foucault , 2001 ) concludes the forebears of truth . It was written by Michel Foucault and edited by Joseph Pearson and published in 2001 . Michael Foucault was a renowned to be the one of most influential person in his academic voices during the twentieth century This book was the last book written by the author before his death and was considered as his last testimony . Throughout the book , he focuses about the truth and stand as a philosopher

that could remain in his voices to confront with the truth . This standpoint aggregated his project as a philosopher

Fearless Speech is the reflections of the author 's genealogy of truth throughout his life . The expression fearless speech ' comes from the Greek word parrhesia (Foucault , 2001 . This word points out those people who are willing to take risks in telling the truth , the person that could stand out in his disposition even if it differs from what the majority of people think and the person that could faces dangers behind telling the truth

Parrhesia regards to those people who expresses his thought and ideas about his relationship to truth through frankness beyond of sweet talk and obsequiousness , forthright instead of influence , and moral duty instead of compassion and pity


The book makes a good read and reading this is a big opportunity for a person regarding the power of his thinking and voice . The book mainly focuses about the ideas and thought of parrhesia - telling of truth with firm . In this book , it could be observed that the author is the main proponent of parrhesia as well as the master historian regarding telling of unvarnished truth . His writing inspires me and builds up my character regarding his notion about truth

The story of the book begins with the discussion of the word in early Greek notion , Euripides ' use of the word in tragedy and , finally , the word gradually moved in democratic in the place of institutions practices and games

From the book , it could easily be observed that parrhesia is vital precursor towards criticism and critical philosophy and notion . However the word is also omnipresent in various discourses . Examples of powerful dialogue are Jeremiads of prophetic speech and Taussig 's defacing messages to the academy . After reading the book , I realized how important the word is . In fact , I was amazed that this powerful word regarding telling the truth is not more widely used and discusses in university rhetoric classes . I realize how this word is very powerful and fruitful in forms of rhetoric , dialectic , philosophy and law . In addition , this word could build character and firm of a person regarding what he says , if he could stand out about critical arguments . This is also helpful if someone is interested to know about renowned influential thinker like Habermas and ideology

The book simply tells everyone that parrhesia should be involved in our everyday living , thinking , and speaking...

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