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research on where to put 14,000.00 without interference from irs

Repositioning 14 ,000

I have found a few different ways you may be able to conceal your 14 ,000 without government interference . Many involve investing large amounts of money into a domestic and /or foreign business . Since the amount we are considering is relatively small 14 ,000 ) the following two options are the best choices for you . In a post 9 /11 world it is important to remember that everything is searchable , traceable and transparent - instead of hiding your money , you should be repositioning it . Repositioning money is how the rich stay rich

and it is perfectly legal

1 - Hide Your Assets with Irrevocable Trusts

From HYPERLINK "http /www .ultratrust .com /hide-my-assets .html http /www .ultratrust .com /hide-my-assets .html , How to hide your assets is a simple as the repositioning your assets through an irrevocable trust with a true independent trustee . The key to the transfer is the exchange of equal value in return for the asset , or the receipt of a fair market value for the asset transferred

Basically this means you can give your money away to someone , in an irrevocable trust and this money can not be taxed by the government . If the person you gift the 14 ,000 is your wife , child , or other trusted family member , you can then use this money at your discretion

2 - You can give up your assets , in this case 14 ,000 to an independent trustee . This trustee is then in charge of authorizing and making any withdrawals from the...

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