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research report

Running Header : U .S financial crisis

The world economy influenced by U .S financial crisis

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24th JULY 2010

TO : Ms . Boswell

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SUBJECT : The world economy influenced by U .S financial crisis

DATE : 24th JULY 2010


The US financial crisis that started in the middle of 2007 is an ongoing economic crisis .It is nothing less than any huge disaster for all the economies of the world including the developed as well as the developing

br countries . This financial crisis started in the middle of 2007 in the US mainly due to the liquidity shortage in the banking system of the United States of America which was because of the abrupt increase in the prices of the houses or actually due to the collapse of the housing bubble that had grown bigger and bigger with time . As a result of the collapse not only the US suffered the consequences but the whole world suffered huge loses . The financial markets all over the world were affected , the stock markets came down , many large financial institutions collapsed or were being sold and rescue packages had to be adopted by many nations even the world wealthiest economies had to adopt proper rescue packages to come out of this crisis . This U .S . financial crisis is considered as the worst financial crisis after the 1930 's great depression by many people It caused great damage to the economies and companies incurred huge...

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