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research report for Bless Me, Ultima

Bless Me Ultima

Frazier , Santee . Chicano Classic "Bless Me , Ultima " Banned in Colorado . IAIA Chronicle

2005 . 9 October 2008 This article talks about the ban imposed by Bob Condor , the Superintendent of Norwood High School , on Bless Me Ultima based on the use of profanity and pagan concepts . Presenting both sides of the story , the author quoted Condor 's reasons for confiscating all of the copies of the book . He also quoted Rudolfo Anaya 's reaction concerning the ban . Without explicitly saying that the disapproved of the superintendent 's action

, the author is able to impart that the move is not laudable as Anaya is a respected and awarded literary author Mainly , the author 's point is that the ban was unnecessary and inhibits the students from being exposed to literary works that appear controversial

I agree with the message of the article . Banning a book because of perceived profanity and pagan content is does speak of a free country who encourages its people to exercise free will and critical thinking The students are old enough to form their own opinions about the themes presented in the book . The book is not wicked nor revolutionary . It is simply presents one perspective that the students must know about . It 's up to them whether or not to accept those views

I would include in the research Anaya 's response concerning the narrow mindset of some people , which prevents students from being exposed to a diverse kind of literature . I would also include the author 's general of the novel as a story of a very young boy who has to deal with the dynamics of his family combined with a little mysticism and profanity . These information would be helpful to provide the research with background information , particularly one coming from the novel 's author...

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