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research proposal


Staff Mentoring : An Innovation to Address Problems in Nursing Shortage and Staff Retention

A Research Proposal (Author 's Full Name (Instructor 's Full Name (Course Title (Date Submitted


Strategies employed to address the problem of nursing shortage and retention fails to address the need for innovative methods and long-term goals . The problem of nursing shortage and retention has been realized over the past years . It is a problem more complex and different that what the nursing profession has encountered before . Many environmental factors affect the

problem with nursing shortage however solutions need to strategize on the long-term effects and impacts of current strategies being employed . The research proposal aims to highlight the strength of the mentorship program in bringing about an innovation of method to address the problem . This must include the three domains of policy education , and retention as suggested by Feldman (2003 . The mentorship program allows both mentor and mentee to experience individual and professional growth

Staff Mentoring : An Innovation to Address Problems in Nursing Shortage and Staff Retention


The profession of nursing came about after the Post World War II created such a demand of service from health care specialists . Nursing is deeply rotted to the provision of service . As years passed , the profession developed its educational programs and capacity to enhance its value as a practice and research field . However , amidst the development in the professional field , nursing has never acquired that same autonomy and authority as compared with the field of medicine . As the nursing profession continues to evolve in a continuous shift in paradigm , it faces a new challenge yet to be addressed in its modern structure

The problem of nursing staff shortage has been evident for the past years . Many environmental factors have made this problem construct the nursing profession 's reality . Many nursing scholars and researchers have concluded a prediction that the shortage in nursing staff in various institutions will be felt and observed as a long-term situation if not addressed properly today (Janiszewski , 2003

Factors influencing the problem

Kimball (2004 ) listed some environmental factors which has contributed to the problem of nursing staff . First , the problem is a result of the aging population wherein the demand for nursing care will increase because of the millions of Baby Boomers aging and the increase in tax of health care services . Second , fewer population of young nurses is observed in the general workforce , and consequently it doe not address the aging workforce which is the third factor of the problem . The average age of majority off nurses who are working in their mid-50s will retire in the next 10 to fifteen years , and the problem is further aggravated by the lack of new nurses to compensate for the retiring nurses . Fourth , as Kimball ) express , there is the mismatch on diversity of nurses in the United States . The racial and ethnic diversity characterizing the U .S as a country is not reflected in the nursing profession , and opportunities must...

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