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research proposal

An Assessment of the Stress Levels of Call Center Agents in O2 Ireland




[date of submission]


The birth and evolution of the call centres that have risen over several territories is summarised in the statement of Dawson stating that the call centre is born when the volume of calls , coupled with the need for a smoother workflow process , drives the company to respond with a more formalised call-answering system (1999 :1 . Formally defined , call centres are seen to be organisations that provide services to

both the public and private sector that has the aim of enhancing the relationship between the business and the clients (Stolletz 2003 Likewise , the services provided are not merely limited to calls , despite the name for such , where others also handle electronic mail , chat , fax video , and other related data-handling services (Read 2005

One of the several companies that are making use of communication tools and infrastructure to meet the demands of their clients is O2 , which is a telephone company that has ventured into the different branches of the telecommunications industry . One of the regional O2 stations exist in Ireland and it has established its own call centre for its company 's products and services in Limerick (Discover Us 2008 . It is proud to be the company that has led in providing people in Ireland with mobile services and communications solutions (Discover Us 2008 . It caters to 1 .6 million customers in the said country and accomplishes its aim through the...

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