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Marcel Duchamp and Dadaism

The art of Dadaism had its roots as an anti-art movement . The period of time in Art History Dadaism represents was approximately period of time from 1916 to 1924 . Dadaism rejected the way art was appreciated and the way art was generally being defined in contemporary art scenes at that time (Tomkins , 1985 . Dadism art movement

was a response to World War I and was founded in Zurich , Switzerland . There weren 't any unifying aesthetic characteristics in Dada art however , the Dadaists did share an extremely skeptical attitude towards what were at the time , the expectations of artists and . The word Dadaism was chosen for its napve sound (Gale , 1997 . After originating in Zurich , the Dadaism art movement continued to spread to places like Berlin , Cologne , Hanover , Paris , Russia and New York City (Gale , 1997

Many of the original Dadaist would gather at a nightclub in Zurich Switzerland called Hugo Ball 's Cabaret Voltaire , to express their ideas (Tomkins , 1985 . As far as the United States , the central locations for Dada art were Alfred Steiglitz 's gallery 291 ' a studio at 291 Fifth Avenue , along with the studio of the Walter Arensbergs , a Harvard-educated U .S . resident and art collector (Tomkins , 1985 Because Switzerland was neutral to both WWI and WWII , objectors to the war , those avoiding military service and those who just wanted to find a place for free expression gravitated to Switzerland

Integral to the Dada movement was the attempt not to categorize the art work using any association with any reference to analyzing the art intellectually . Dada was also a reaction the bourgeois Victoria values of the late 19th and early 20th centuries . Dadaism was considered absurb and playful ' but at the same time it was considered to be intuitive and cryptic (Art , 2006 . The methods used in producing this Dada art were not conventional and they used what they referred to at the time as the chance technique and found objects (Art , 2006 The Dadaists were trying to make their statement on the social values and cultural trends of a contemporary world facing a devastating period of war (Art , 2006

One of the artists associated with Dada and Surrealism was French artist Marcel Duchamp . However , according to some of my various readings , Duchamp 's actual participation in Surrealism was mostly behind the scenes . Most readings on Duchamp states that once he became involved in New York Dada , he seldom ever participated in Paris Dada

One of the reasons Marcel Duchamp is viewed as an enigma is that he is regarded as having produced one of the most diverse collections of masterpieces in the shortest amount of time

Some of the work Duchamp is most noted for are his oil on canvas Nude Descending a Staircase ' The Bride Stripped Bare by...

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