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Paper Topic:

How does religion affect voting and political behavior?


Research Assignment



University /College


: Relationship between Religion and Voting and Political Behavior

Research Question : How does religion affect voting and political behavior

Hypothesis : Religion has direct and indirect effects on the voting and political behavior of the people

Religion is a powerful and very influential factor in people 's lives . It governs one 's actions , and it is considered when people are faced with difficult decisions . Even in politics , religion has an important role to fill . Various studies have been done in

the past to determine the effects that religion has on the voting and political behaviors of people . Consequently , religion affects the voting and political behavior in the following ways : 1 ) by setting standards that guide believers in the realm of politics 2 ) by indirectly leading the congregation in developing a common outlook on political issues and 3 ) by serving as a source of motivation

Interestingly , the church (religion ) is separated from the state (politics , yet religion is an influential factor with regards to political activities (Bryner . In fact , there are some countries whose religion takes precedence over government policies . For instance , there are countries where policies in reproductive health are being pushed by politicians . However , the church may intervene if it deems that the policies are against the teachings of the church

Religion , as described by Wald and Calhoun-Brown , is a specialized institution with a limited public role , and religious affiliation is a matter of personal choice (8 . According to McDaniel , religion...

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