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Paper Topic:

The relationship between philosophy and politics

Running Head : Philosophy and Politics

The Philosophy and Politics in Plato 's Apology ' and The Republic


Philosophy has enabled human life to study the general and everyday problems which concern many matters to include beauty , truth , mind validity , language , existence , language and even truth . While Philosophy is a general term that is highly acceptable to address and answer questions by using systematic approaches and its credibility on the grounds of reasoned arguments , there is a tension that is apparent between Politics and Philosophy which Ancient Greek Origin means love

of wisdom

Good governance needs laws that are mandated and initiated through Politics . The ways a society is being governed highly affects the kind of living the citizens ' experience . Politics are made up of group of people that formulate decisions for the betterment of the populace . It has also been palpable in many group interactions such as the religious academic and even in the corporate world

Despite the fact that both exist to fulfill the needs of man for it is evident that a man in one point of his life or another might choose whether to live under the influence of Politics or Philosophy The issues had been explored in Plato 's masterpieces Apology ' and The Republic . But although , the strain is perceptible , the end result for the mixture of both may lead to a more wonderful life to all mankind . The researcher wishes to address any reconciliation that may occur between the rivalries of the two approaches...

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