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Paper Topic:

relationship between attitude and leadership

Management skills and leadership skills should work in tandem with each other . A manager by virtue of his /her position in the organization 's hierarchy has formal authority that allows him to ask his /her subordinates to behave in ways in accordance with the demands of the organization . With this authority comes the power to reward or punish behavior that helps or detains from the achievement of the goals of the organization . His /her power is also functional in the sense that it is exercised in accordance with the operation of the organization

(White 1997 ) however often it can easily be abused . The manager 's attitude in some degree affects his management style , like if he /she believes that a manager is the captain of the ship , then communication would be top-down and decision-making would be done by him /her only . If the manager feels and think that the employees are the most important resource in the company then he /she would more likely be a compassionate and motivating manager

A necessary character that a manager should possess is the ability to lead . Leadership however is a skill that has to be developed and nurtured by the manager (Slater , 1998 . It also has the same attributes of management roles- authority and power . But the leader 's authority and power over his /her members stem from the members desire and willingness to achieve the common goals of the group . The members have to believe in the cause of the leader and behave in ways in accordance with it . The attitude and the personality of the leader towards his /her members are important because it speaks of his /her integrity and character as a leader . A leader usually possesses charisma and the ability to move others into action without anything in return but rather a personal fulfillment to be part of the group

A leader inspires , motivates and influences others while a manager supervises , demands and reward or punish subordinates based on their performance . A manager who can be a leader will be the most effective in bringing the organization to success (Huber , 1997


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