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Should the U.S. reinstitute a military draft?

p To Reinstate or Not to Reinstate

The Question of Reinstating the Military Draft


The military draft is a that has been controversial since the days of the Vietnam War . The question of whether the Pentagon should reinstate the draft has come up several times since the end of the Vietnam War , the two most recent being the 1992 Gulf War (Desert Storm and the most recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq . The draft laws as they stood at the end of the Vietnam War stated that men between the

ages of 18 and 45 be registered with the Selective Service , and that if they were drafted they would serve anywhere between 3-5 years in one of the branches of the United States military . During this time , women were not eligible for the draft , nor are they currently

Opinions are varied about whether the draft should be reinstated . Some say that reinstating the draft would create an economic disaster because of the fact that many vital jobs in medicine , law enforcement , and education would go unfilled . Others take the stance that reinstating the draft would allow the economy to develop along more positive lines as people who are currently stagnating in low-level jobs would have the ability to get training and move on to higher levels of employment Others question whether we should even be involved in Iraq now that Saddam Hussein has been deposed . In my opinion the military draft should not be reinstated because to do so could be economically detrimental to a nation that had suffered several setbacks in the economy created by 9 /11 and U .S involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan

To Reinstate or Not to Reinstate

According to Swomley (2004 ) the government has been working since 2001 to reinstate the military draft . If their plan succeeds every U .S citizen between the ages of 18 and 34 including women will be eligible for the draft . Swomley (2004 ) characterizes this potential military buildup not as a need for actual soldiers to serve in Afghanistan and Iraq but as a means by which the U .S would be able to assert their military dominance over the rest of the world . This stance is common amongst those that are against the military draft . Reinstating the draft would in fact allow the U .S to develop a greater military presence however , this military presence comes with a price , and namely there would be more available jobs than there would be people to fill them This would mean a decrease for taxes paid to the Federal Government at a time in which the Federal government would be drastically increasing military spending to cover the money needed to train and pay several hundred thousand new recruits

The most difficult aspect about whether or not the government should reinstate the draft or not has to do with balancing the need for troops with the need for people to fill jobs at home . Military forces are spread quite thinly throughout Afghanistan...

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