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Paper Topic:

reflection of my teaching experience

Reflection of my Teaching Experience

Written by

Sukhyung Ryu

Summer 2005

School of Education

The City College of New York /CUNY

Submitted to

Professor J . Conoly-Simmons

I . Introduction

I had an opportunity to join the unique classroom at Spring Semester in 2004 . This time was my second semester as a graduate student in the City College and I had to fulfill the fieldwork experience . One of my classmates , Patti , suggested me to come to her classroom and to teach the students . It was a high school in

Bronx . I cannot forget this experience whole my life because it was beautiful and unique experience to me

All of the students in that classroom were from low socioeconomic status family . There are 12 students in the classroom Some of them had single mother and one of the students had no parents at all . They were very poor and had problems in them . They had emotional diss or hyperactive

I went to the class two times a week . I taught them Language Arts such as reading and writing and observed other class such as math , science and social study . I went to the trip to the museum and central park

During the reading lesson , I used a lot of teaching techniques to strengthen their reading comprehension . They had difficulty to think creatively because all of them had problems . I let them read loudly the book in turn and in to motivate them , I made them volunteer the reading . They volunteered actively . One day , I recorded students ' reading and listened to the rec reading together . They were very shy yet involved the activity actively . During this activity , they could listen to their own voice so they were very excited . But one of the students , Chris , did not want to record his reading . The adviser and I asked why but he did not answer . Later , we came to find out the reason behind and it was because of other student Michael , who bullied him . Michael usually teased him a lot about Chris slow , low voice

II . Discussion

A . Learning Theories

Every learner is unique . One of the fundamental facts which every educator should know is that progress in teaching and in learning can be attained only by research guided by proper philosophy of education . We cannot deny that thousands of dollars are wasted annually in the management of schools because of the teacher 's ignorance of the most effective methods of instruction , of the best means of selecting and organizing subject-matter , or of the best means of classifying and promoting students

Education has a long way to travel - from knowing the best aims of education and the most effective means of realizing the best aims , to knowing the way by which the individual student learn effectively and the teaching methods which will best improve the learning of the student . Best1 states that research is one method by which one finds the solution to educational problems ' Every teacher should recognize the important role that research...

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