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The recurrent dreams in Gilgamesh are vitally important.

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Significance of Recurrent Dreams in Gilgamesh

When we look at the meaning of dreams in today 's society we find a variation of things . Some believe dreams are based on the subconscious desires an example of such would be getting a kiss from a female you think is beautiful on television . Dreams are a reflection of people 's inner thoughts and feelings . These thoughts and feelings are too secretive to be expressed to the outside world . It seems

that dreams were always a portrayal of a twisted reality but dreams were not always expressions of the subconscious . Reading the Bible , it transpires that dreams were used a great deal as communication between God and humans Gilgamesh makes this theory concrete , as dreams are recurrent in the epic

In Gilgamesh dreams are used as the largest communication device between the gods and humans . Major events are prophesized through dreams and destinies are foretold . It is evident that dreams play a major role in ancient Mesopotamian cultures . In the novel itself dreams foretold the coming of Enkidu , the death of Enkidu , the protection of Shamash during the battle with Humbaba and much , much more . Gilgamesh was not only a fictional but also a biblical text of ancient Mesopotamian society Since dreams played such a large and important role in the novel , they must have had a significant place in society

The first mention of dreams in Gilgamesh was with Enkidu and the harlot in the wilderness "I tell you , even before you have left the wilderness , Gilgamesh will know in his dreams that you are coming (Sanders pp . 15 ) The purpose of this passage is to let the audience know that dreams tell the future . It is important for Gilgamesh to know Enkidu is coming because he needs to know that Enkidu comes to bring no harm . Enkidu was created to befriend Gilgamesh , not to challenge him . In the next passage Gilgamesh has dreamed but he did not understand his dream so he asks his mother its meaning

Mother , last night I had a dream . I was full of joy , the young heroes were round me and I walked through the night under the stars of the firmament , and one , a meteor of the stuff of Anu , fell down from heaven I tried to lift it but I proved too heavy . All the people of Uruk came round to see it , the common people jostled and the nobles thronged to kiss its feet and to me its attraction was like the love of woman . They helped me , I braced my forehead and I raised it with thongs and brought it to you , and you yourself pronounced it my brother (Sanders 16

This dream is very significant because it foretells the first confrontation of Gilgamesh and Enkidu . Gilgamesh symbolizes humans of earlier Mesopotamian society . The introduction to Enkidu in Gilgamesh 's life is symbolic of someone finding a companion or a...

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