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rebuttal essay

Dear Margaret Atwood

In her essay , Dear America ' writer and novelist Margaret Atwood frames a personal letter to a personified American in which she laments that the strong , proud , artistic , kind , open and fearless America had changed . The war in Iraq , the Patriot Act , and the national debt have given her cause for alarm and moved her to admit ' I 'm not sure I know what 's really going on ' She presents several rhetorical questions in hopes of receiving some sort of answer from America

Her answer , sadly , is that America has

aged . The optimistic and hopeful teenage America that could eat what it wanted , do what it wanted and say what it wanted has turned into a middle aged America that is now dealing with the problems of its earlier behavior and finding that it must change if it is going to live a long and healthy life . Of course the joy and spirit of teenage years is not necessarily wrong , nor is it meant to be forgotten , but it cannot continue indefinitely without having to grow up and mature like everybody else

Quite clearly , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck , Humphrey Bogart , Elvis and Ella Fitzgerald did not have to worry about terrorism , nuclear annihilation or money . The Disney Corporation in 2006 had revenues of over 34 billion dollars (Disney . Humphrey , Elvis and Ella were also not strangers to cash . I am not sure they are ones to point to as representative of America in the 40s and 50s . During the 1940s , as many as 40 of American families lived in poverty (The Great Depression and World War II . Money has always been an issue the only difference is that debt has shifted from the citizen to the government . If Atwood is concerned about people , then the spending on the New Deal , current welfare programs , public safety , military and other beneficial programs should be comforting . America has become a parent and is making sacrifices for its children , the citizens

As many teenagers tell their parents as they seek new freedoms and privileges , times change ' Certainly they do . Atwood makes the accusation that You 're gutting the Constitution ' However , many political researchers have made the credible assertion that the Constitution is a liquid document . It was meant to be molded as the situations demand . Of course rights are not fluid , but what Ms . Atwood and others like her must remember is that rights come into conflict all the time . The government is not running rampant listening in on conversations , spying on people in the bathroom or hauling innocent people off to jail . What it is doing is making a decision that when in conflict , the right that all Americans have to safety , even life , is more important that a persons right to privacy , whether it be temporarily detaining an individual at an airport , investigating suspicious internet activity , or bugging the phones of those suspected of terrorist actions

Of course , all parents who encourage teenagers of wrongdoing are not always correct in...

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