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reasons for transferring







It encourages a great deal when I hear people telling me to back my dreams with hard work . I should never shy away from dreaming , but it is essential that I put effort to realize those dreams , lest they become just that dreams

I fully understand where I am coming from , where I stand and where I want to be in a certain point in time . I understand the magnitude of my challenges ahead but the desire to emerge

victorious and realize my dreams diminishes those challenges . I have set my goal as well as the way I hope to achieve them

It is in pursuit of this that I joined Quincy community college two-years ago after emigrating from India . I am a science person and had an interest in biology for long , not only in biology as a broad subject but specifically genetic

In my stay in the United States , I have come to understand what people mean when they say , America is the land of opportunities ' Those opportunities however come to those who put the necessary effort . It is those opportunities that brought my family and I to America , and although we are yet to realize them , I can see them from far despite the current hardships . Prior to coming to the United States , my father had to dispose off all the properties we had in India in to pay for our air ticket and leave some for my tuition fees together with my brothers . Since our settlement here , we have been experiencing a lot of financial problems that may have been hindering my academic progress

The whole of last year my father , who is the only breadwinner in the family , was only able to earn 11 ,000 , which is nothing , compared to the expenditure for the year . This little , he was able to earn while working for my uncle who settled here earlier than us . This largely emanates from the fact that my father cannot converse in English . Due to circumstances , the whole of my family has been forced to work for my uncle as a kind of repayment for living in his house as we are yet to afford rent for our own house . My father is paid for his services but I receive nothing although I spend most of my time working for my uncle This meager income could only have afforded me a place in the cheaper community college

Pursuing a course in genetics has always been my plan although I was unable to qualify for it back in India . This was because I could not garner 90 in the final high school exam , which is the minimum requirement . Having lost narrowly that chance in India , coming to America has renewed the hopes of pursuing this course

I could have hopped into genetics after my coming to America but I lacked in a few essentials first of them being the English language . I have...

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