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What are your reasons for selecting Nursing as a career? What are your aspirations for the future?

What are your reasons for selecting Nursing as a career ? What are your aspirations for the future

With the increasing number of population in the world who wants to live longer and thus needing specialist in the field of health care industry nursing is one of the best choice in choosing a career . Nursing as a career does not only offer healthy salaries to those registered nurse but it offers a lot of rewarding opportunities because of its strong demand . According the Discover Nursing website , by the year 2020 there will be

an estimated shortage of 800 ,000 nurses and this lead for many hospitals to offer signing bonuses of up to 14 ,000 for experienced nurses . Aside from this rewarding offers to nurses , it has other attractive reasons why choosing nursing as a career . One , being a nurse offers flexibility in my working schedules that I could work full-time or part-time , I can even choose if I want to work only for weekdays or weekends or a combination . Second , I can work anywhere I want , like if I want in urban hospitals or in quite relaxed suburbs . It also offers me a great opportunity of traveling to any state in United States , and even to different countries in Europe , Australia , or Africa . It gives me the chance of seeing the world using my profession . Moreover , being a nurse does not give me a hesitation if I could work abroad or not because demand for nurses in most countries is so high and I am assured that I could land a job quickly

Moreover , if given a chance , after pursuing the Degree of Nursing while working as a registered nurse I would choose to continue studying to Master Degree or Doctoral Degree perhaps . Once I already hold the Degree of Doctoral , I already have leadership 's roles in the field of Nursing that I could conduct research about nursing practice and health care or teach at colleges and universities . Thus , by choosing nursing as a career I could already picture out myself five or six years from now


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