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your reasons and motivations for entering the nursing profession and how the Seattle University BSN program fits your career, educational, and personal goals.

Personal Essay

Several factors weigh in heavily when choosing which career path to follow , and well it should , for changing careers is one of those decisive moments that could (and will ) greatly impact one 's life requiring maturity and careful consideration of one 's personal preference in view of practical concerns . My decision to shift to a nursing profession is one borne out of careful consideration of those factors and , more importantly , the desire to answer the call of my sense of social responsibility

I was a lecturer at a university

in my native country of China , after having received my Bachelor 's degree in Physics and a Master 's degree in Biochemistry about 8 years ago . Being a teacher was a job I immensely enjoyed as it afforded me the chance to directly interact and work with people , something which I really like doing . In 2001 , I immigrated to the U .S . and as a consequence , I had to re-set my career in a hurry Since I did not have any advanced degree in the U .S , my choices were limited and so I ended up working as a Research Associate for two bio-tech companies : MedImmune Inc . based off of California , and later Epigenomics Inc , in Seattle . I worked full-time as an RA for 7 years during which I gave birth to two wonderful boys , aged 5 and 2 . I finally got a chance to take a breather , during which I seriously reflected on what my long-term career goals would be . For sure , I am not so keen on being a Research Associate all my life . These reflections eventually led to my decision to go back to school

The decision to pursue a Bachelor 's degree in Nursing came about mainly due to two reasons . The first is that my current job doesn 't provide me the opportunity for career growth because in to get to the next level which is as a Research Scientist , I need a Doctorate degree . It is also quite mechanical and routine

The second - and more important - reason is the fact that Nursing provides me the opportunity to directly work with people , giving me the chance to have a hand in their well-being , especially immigrants such as myself . I believe Nursing will also give me the sense of having directly contributed something to society a path to a better quality of life and living through providing premium and quality healthcare . Coming from a Chinese first generation immigrant background , I have experienced firsthand the needs and difficulties in providing quality healthcare especially for new immigrants . As it is , my long-term career goal is to eventually get a graduate degree in healthcare-related fields and be in a position to make a broader impact to the community , such as designing or managing healthcare systems , or teaching said systems to others . I would especially like to focus on meeting the healthcare needs of immigrants from the Asian and Pacific regions

To this end , I have found Seattle...

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