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How does reactive policing differ from proactive? Show how each impacts on the rights of the individual.






How reactive policing differ from proactive policing

The criminal justice system uses the proactive and reactive strategies in their undertakings . The police officers are at the forefront in investigating crime and ensuring that appropriate measures are put in place to reduce crime . According to Williams J (1988 ) there are various ranks in the police departments translating to different roles Discretion is a valued aspect in the police force . They work to ensure that peace , and harmony are maintained

The reactive approach entails

the police officers responding to members of the public call for help . In this strategy the consent of people involved is sought . Real demands are addressed and people call when they are in need and the police respond immediately . The police could also be involved in patrolling to monitor and counter wrongdoing in the society However in rare cases do the police collide with criminals from their wrongful activities . George Kelling Mark Moore (1988 ) argue that dissemination of information that would help the police curb crime is very important . Handing information relevant in curbing crimes has been of significant success . Public cooperation is more critical that legal powers in detection of crime . Cordner G (1979 ) suggests that patrolling could be ineffective as the police may not be accurate in timing when crime is to be executed

The proactive strategies are based on prior control of crime . This could be through the building up of images that discourage breach of peace . This can be more effective especially when placed to those considered a threat to peace or more prone to criminality and using surveillance to monitor their moves . McPhail , Clark , John McCarthy David Schweingruber (1997 ) say that much intelligence is required when using this approach so that determination of potential criminals is not only accurate but timely . Inaccuracy in this approach would have negative impact on the suspects according to Paul Cooper Jon Murphy (1995 . Intelligence is also very important in determining the correct methods to counter the crime or handle the criminals . Information in this strategy is also important though it may be from informants and not necessarily the general public , it is however very secretive and hence accountability may be inadequate creating loopholes for prejudice Stansfield T (1996

Reactive approach may not be appropriate when dealing with some types of crimes like white-collar theft or professional crimes . In such cases proactive approach may suffice . Proactive approach is best for assuring the public that peace keeping is addressed . People would feel more secure when they see that the police are concerned in maintaining peace and in the society

The roles of the police include curbing drug-related crimes , speedy and effective handling of offenders and reforming them , respond to emergency calls effectively as well as cooperating with local authorities agencies and the public at large

The police carry out three important roles or powers which include arresting or detaining , questioning after detention and search powers Reiner Robert (1997

Individuals have the right...

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