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1 . What are three major aspects of the ILOs stance on child labor ? Do you think these aspects result in positive action ? Why or why not

The International Labor Organization (ILO , together with its partners is the primary responsible in the worldwide advocacy of eliminating child labor . Their main objective is to have a society wherein no girl or boy is forced to work under conditions that threatens their health and their

development to have a decent work in the future . The ILO established the International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC ) in to focus on addressing the issue of child labor . The main stance of ILO in to eliminate child labor focused on three major aspects namely : Education , Child Labor Monitoring (CLM , and Labor Inspection

IPEC 's approach in combating child labor includes programs that deal with research and statistics , technical cooperation , monitoring and evaluation unit , advisory services and advocacy , and educational unit (ILO , 2008 . The CLM is also an important process to make sure that all the plans and programs are properly implemented . Its primary role is to ensure that children who are legally employed are safe from exploitation and hazards of work . Labor inspection also enhances the realization of ILO 's goal of eliminating child labor by applying legal instruments to give information on hazardous child labor to employers and workers as well as giving advices on how...

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