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Do the following question

: Do the following question

Specifications : 2 Pages , 1 Source , MLA Style

: language purchasing agent for CSU what actions would your recommend regarding the purchase of the theatrical lighting system

Purchasing a theatrical lightning system for the California State University would involve a lot of steps , processes , research , etc . The person in charge of the logistics of the University should procure the lighting facilities on behalf of the university

The university can seat about 500 people and is arranged in two floors A lift is present which can transport person to and

fro the first floor The opening of the proscenium is about 40 ' wide and 20 ' high . The aprons present in the proscenium can be raised and lowered with a hydraulically operated system . The stage flooring is made with strips of pinewood and occupies an area of about 40 ' wide and 18 ' deep . In this theatre , dance programs , performances , operas and plays as well as display of movies need to be arranged . The performers can enter the stage from the backstage region . The lightning would be required for various purposes including illumination , changing the form , shape and appearance of objects , focusing on a particular area so as to distract the audience , changing the atmosphere of the scene , improving the esthetics , reinforcing the audience , creating punctuality and rhythm suggesting day or night , projecting an object or a background on the screen , etc . Besides , they would be of immense help to the artists and the performers to play and practice on the stage

The lighting system would contain of several components including the lighting console , the lighting dimmer , wiring , lighting instruments etc . The entire stage lighting system should be controllable through a computer and manually by the user . The manual system should override the computer system . Having a dual system of control would ensure that the system is flexible and can be handled even during a software problem . The user can also load a cueing program that would control the lighting system automatically during a particular program . A software program would ensure that the user through a computer could handle lighting system

The device that controls the lighting would be known , as a `lighting console ' and it would be placed in the control booth of the auditorium It is very important that the lighting console purchased is of good quality , as it would assure that the performance is also good . The entire lighting system would control about 200 dimmers (devices that control the light intensity , each being of about 2 .4 KW . Each of these dimmers would be connected to one load circuit . These load circuits are controlled by lighting console . As the intensity of electric current supplied to each dimmer is increased , the light emitted would increase Some of the lights that illuminate the stage would be automated , such that they would move and change colors as and when required . The lighting console would interact with the dimmers and other components with the help of an electronic control...

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