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public transportation vs taking your own car

p A typical day for Joanna means getting to school , and then traveling across town for work . Joanna has her own car , a beat-up sedan that has seen better days and breaks down often . When it finally dies on her Joanna is faced with the decision of whether she should buy another car using money from her savings , or just take public transportation

This will argue why Joanna should start taking public transportation , and discusses the benefits associated with public transit

There are currently more than 200 million licensed drivers in the

br country , according to statistics from the United States Department of Transportation . Driving one 's car is seen as a comfortable way to get around , with all the perks - own soundtrack , personal system , peace - available to suit one 's needs . Diane Cardwell writes that in New York a city of crowded subways and buses , many chooses to driving their own cars . Cardwell also cites a poll conducted for the Partnership for New York City , which showed that most drivers prefer to drive their own cars in to have the freedom to come and go as they wished , and to avoid dealing with other people (Cardwell , 1

Empirically , driving one 's own car saves one from the hassles to having to stand up in a crowded train , or wait in the rain for a bus that arrives more than an hour late . If you take your car with you , you don 't have to wait , and jostle your way to become more comfortable . You don 't have to think of the perverts behind or beside you . You can opt to take the fastest route , and avoid traffic-heavy areas . But more pressing than this , choosing driving for reasons of comfort and speed can sometimes go beyond just choice and preference to that of necessity

Most areas in the country do not have accessible public transportation Paul Krugman at the New York Times writes that the ideal set up would be that the public should have easy access to public transportation and plenty of local shopping , in a safe and crime-free environment Krugman , however , stresses that this kind of neighborhood can be found in only a handful of areas , and is virtually inexistent even in metropolitan areas (Krugman , 1

Changing this will require a long time , Krugman opines , explaining that it is difficult to change the geography of the city , and it is more difficult to convince people to live in a densely-populated area with little access to public transportation . Density is a key justification for the existence and installation of public transport systems (Krugman 1

This becomes a more apparent problem if you consider the country 's crime problem . With rising crime rates , driving becomes more attractive since it takes one right to one 's doorsteps , lessening the chance of getting mugged , robbed , or killed along the way . It also bolsters the perception that driving is much more convenient and faster than taking public transport , because the reality is , public...

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