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Paper Topic:

How do psycologists observe and describe behaviour

Psychology and Behavior Psychology as a discipline relies upon the scientific method of inquiry in to observe and describe the behavior of its subjects . More specifically , in the realm of behavioral psychology , psychologies rely heavily upon empirical research and a theoretical approach to understanding the diverse and changing ways that humans behave . This brief essay will discuss how behavioral psychology understands the human condition

Behavioral psychologists , according to the American Psychological Association , form their base of inquiry on experimental , cognitive developmental , physiological , and social psychology in addition to learning

theories , human development , biological bases of behavior cognitive aspects of behavior , affective aspects of behavior psychopathology , principles of measurement , ethics , clinical decision making , ethnic and cultural diversity issues , research methods , and group and single-subject experimental designs (Archival . They are further concerned with how all of these discourses interact and impact one another

From this foundation , behavioral psychology has been applied to a wide range of issues , such as depression , anxiety , health related problems childhood development , violence and aggressive behavior , and substance abuse , among others (Archival . As related to the scientific method behavioral psychology utilizes classical conditioning methods , operant approaches , social learning and cognitive therapy approaches to observe and describe the behavior of its subjects

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