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Title : Psychoneuroimmunology

Hilda Pinto

Chapter one


This study examines the new science of Psychoneuroimmunology which revolves around mind and body interactions in medical therapy . The study will venture in different methods of data collection which will be primarily from secondary nature and case studies . On the other hand thus study will also look at the inception of Psychoneuroimmunology and its importance in medical therapy . This study ventures in the theme that Psychoneuroimmunology employs the soul and body interrelation for effective medical therapy

This study is of essential

importance because it will provide the researcher with enhanced skills of research . The findings of this study will also be an addition to the existing data in Psychoneuroimmunology In this manner students and researchers and other people can refer to the same for future references


Psychoneuroimmunology is an effective therapy because it combines the mind and body in the process of therapy . Psychoneuroimmunology is a new development in the field of therapy which provides a link between our mind and body . In other words , scientists believe that there is a link between thought process , health and the ability of humans to heal . With this in mind , Psychoneuroimmunology can be defined as a study which analyses the link between communication between the nervous system and the immune system and the effects of such communications (Ader , 2006

Over the decades , there has always been a belief that the immune system can effectively regulate its actions and functions (Borysenko , et . al 1991 . This means that many medical personnel don 't approve that the mind and body is related in therapy process . Psychoneuroimmunology has brought about much debate in the medical world but research has proved that it is an effective means of therapy . With this in mind , this will discuss the pertinent aspect of Psychoneuroimmunology

The name Psychoneuroimmunology was incepted by Dr . Robert Ader back in 1975 (Ader , 2006 . The doctor believed that there was a link between the human health , state of mind and ability to heal oneself . Dr . Robert and his crew proved that there was a way to control and tame the immune system for optimum results in therapy (Ader , 2006 . His discovery was met with much criticism at first because doctors always believed that the immune system was independent . The development of this therapy was through a classical experimentation done by Dr Robert and his colleagues . In this particular experiment , rats were fed with saccharin and injected with a drug which caused stomach upsets (Ader , 2006 . By the scientific concept of association the mice started to avoid Saccharin . As it turned out , another side effect of the drug was suppressing the immune system . A repeat of the experiment without a drug to reverse repugnance led to death of mice through using saccharin alone (Ader , 2006

According to Dr . Robert , the conditioning had been successful because saccharin alone could kill the mice (2006 . With this in mind , the doctor then hypothesized that when an organism has stress in physical or...

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