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psychology quiz

1 . Rebecca finds it difficult to establish close bonds with others , and as a result avoids anything other than superficial relationships according to Erikson , it is likely that Rebecca had difficulty with the developmental challenge of________________________

A . intimacy vs . isolation

B . initiative vs . industry

C . trust vs . autonomy

D . ego integrity vs . despair 2 . If a psychologist was interested in studying the stability of IQ scores over time , she should use the ____________ method of data collection

A . test-retest

B . cross-sectional

C . case history

D . longitudinal

br 3 . If a child refers to a pig as a "doggie " that child is _____ the pig into an existing cognitive structure

A . assimilating

B . accommodating

C . operationalizing

D . encompassing 4 . Jimi is easily upset , moody , aggressive , and does not communicate well with peers or adults . According to Baumrind , it is MOST likely that his parents are engaged in _______ parenting

A . abusive

B . permissive

C . authoritative

D . authoritarian 5 . Which of the following is LEAST characteristic of Kubler-Ross 's stages of dying

A "Oh God , not me

B " God , I 'll never swear again if you 'll spare my life now

C "Thank God , it 's you

D "Dammit , why me 6 . Five-year old Tyler believes "bad things are what you are punished for " Tyler is at Kohlberg 's _______ level of morality

A . concrete

B . punish oriented

C . postconventional

D . preconventional 7 . Mary eats high fat foods , does not exercise , and smokes cigarettes These behaviors contribute to Mary 's _____ aging process

A . primary

B . linear

C . programmed

D . secondary 8 . This was NOT among the list of traits and factors in long-term happy marriages described in your textbook

A . opposite interests to decrease boredom

B . positive interpretations of your partners ' negative behaviors

C . sharing power and a respect for opposing points of view

D . establishing a "love map 9 . After retirement , Linda took up residence in her rocking chair knitting and watching television , while screening calls from busy-body neighbors and family who wanted to distract her from enjoying her well-earned leisurely pursuits . Linda exemplifies the _______ theory of aging

A . disengagement

B . unhealthy

C . meditative

D . introvert 10 . Jill tells her mother that she can 't go to school with such a huge pimple on her forehead as everybody will notice and think she 's grown a third eye over the weekend . Jill 's reluctance to go to school is an example of

A . adolescent egocentrism

B . the imaginary audience

C . the personal fable

D . the egocentric fable...

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