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What are the psychological affects of burglary on the victim?







Burglary is regarded as an act of breaking ones house with intent to steal properties . This is what in short is referred to as housebreaking As per the definition given by Bartol (211 , Burglary is the unlawful entry of a structure , with or without force with intent to commit a theft or other felony ' Though burglary mostly occurs to houses , it is not only limited to that as it also occurs to vehicles . This act of

crime is very common in America and it is estimated that about four million Americans become victims of burglary in each year . Apart from victims losing properties , burglary causes psychological effects to the victims and it is for this purpose that this will specifically focus on these psychological effects

Although burglary in the United States is mostly classified as property crime , it is also sometimes regarded as interpersonal crime because there are serious psychological effects that are associated with it According to studies that have been done on the subject , it is clear that burglary victims apart from experiencing property loss they also feel psychologically traumatized . Invasion of ones property , sanctity and privacy of ones homestead brings stress and discomfort to the victims and may take ages to recover (Smith , and . Meyer , 1998

There are people who refer to burglary as home rape especially where the burglar gains access to ones private items such as diaries photographs and letters . The level...

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