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The pros and Cons of tourism development in Mexico






Mexico is a conglomeration of cities , some of which bears a colonial history , while others are relatively new . Some of these ancient cities are home to quite phenomenal Gothic buildings that are indeed an attraction to both local as well as the international tourists . Such would include the pseudo Gothic church that is located within the city of San Miguel De Allende . Another city that bears history to its name is the city of Queretaro , which is located in Central Mexico . Also a major

br tourist attraction center , it harbors breathtaking buildings , most of which dates back to the sixteenth century . It is also a center for trade as well as manufacturing industries , as manifested by the many food and textile industries (Berger , 2007

The city of Dolores Hidalgo is crucial historically to the Mexicans as it bears testimony to the start of their emancipation struggle from the rule of Spaniards . The geography of Mexico is such that much of the country consists of coastlands that are normally surrounded by mountains . Some of these are volcanic while others have gone extinct over the years . Owing to the wide variance in terms of climatic conditions , it means that the country is able to have a wide variety of geographical habitats , ranging from wildlife to plants to different bird species . The hot and cool climate near the coastline is indeed an attraction to the tourists (Williams , 1986

Mexico is also home to some of the word 's finest architectural scenes , some dating as far as the Mayan legacies . Though Spanish is the main language here , other indigenous languages are also spoken . Most of the over one hundred million Mexicans are catholics , although other religions are prominent too . The Mexican government has over the years been keen on establishing a market economy with less trade barriers This has seen the country enter into trade agreements with neighboring countries , thus leading to an economic growth (Berger , 2007 . Through the privatizations of major government-owned corporations , the government has been able to generate resources that have seen it boost the health as well as the education sector . Further , a more liberal economy has led to more players in the market , adding further to the government revenue collection

The tourism industry in Mexico is of economic importance to the Mexicans . Apart from the creation of job opportunities to tens of thousands of Mexicans , it also contributes a large chunk of government revenue . However , this has not always been a smooth sailing ride . This is because following the terrorists attack in September eleven , the tourism industry received a major blow (Tamar , 2008 . Most of the American tourists , as well as those from European countries could no longer enjoy their holidays safely . As a result , they drastically cut down on their trips to Mexico as a major tourist destination . Aside from matters of terrorism , the government over the years has had to pump in large chunks of money in to market its tourism , and...

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