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proposal will be on homeless

RUNNING HEAD : Homelessness

Lived Experiences of Homeless Individuals : Factors Leading to Homelessness (Name Here (Name of University /School Here (Name of Professor Here (Date of Submission Here

Lived Experiences of Homeless Individuals : Factors Leading to Homelessness

Homelessness is a poverty-based problem faced by all nations across the world . In line with international efforts to eradicate poverty , the need to understand and prevent instances of homelessness is growing . In to prevent the risk of homelessness from occurring in future populations , the factors that lead to this phenomenon should be delineated . Only

with a clear understanding of what contributes to the occurrence of homelessness can programs for prevention be established

Although individual conditions immediately prior to the time of becoming homeless are the most obvious reasons for the incidence of homelessness much research has been conducted to find out whether there are more influential underlying factors behind these . A majority of the individuals who participated in studies regarding homelessness were found to have had a variety of negative experiences as children The problems to be tackled by this will be numerous but will also come from a single unifying theme of whether or not lived childhood experiences may have led to a state of homelessness

Research Problem

The present study aims to understand whether or not lived childhood experiences are a factor in an individual 's becoming homeless . If childhood experiences are found to be a factor in an individual 's homelessness , research will be directed to ascertaining what different childhood experiences have a greater chance of causing an individual to be subject to a state of homelessness . It is hypothesized that childhood experiences will indeed be seen to play a factor in the occurrence of homelessness in an individual . The underlying mechanisms and the specific childhood experiences that do play a factor will be established only upon completion of the data gathering and data analysis processes of the study

Purposes of the Study

The primary purpose of this study is to establish a clear relationship between the two concepts . Research aims will be directed by the following questions : How will homeless individuals remember situations in their family of origin ? What specific experiences have a potential to cause a future state of homelessness according to homeless individuals What possible reasons are there to cause the individual to be affected in this way by these experiences ? What do homeless individuals feel would have helped prevent them from falling into their state of homelessness ? The study will also be directed towards validating results of previous research conducted on homelessness and the lived experiences of homeless individuals

Literature Review

Homelessness is a widespread issue that requires the attention of the academic community . Because homelessness is so rampant and because of its visibility as a problem in all societies , research regarding this matter has already been conducted by a number of individuals . This does not mean to say that there is already much literature regarding homelessness , far from it . Literature regarding homelessness is still...

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