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the problems that Muslims face in today’s political climate

The Muslim Battle for Acceptance

Muslims have faced an uphill battle for respect and tolerance since the establishment of the religion by Muhammad and his followers . In spite of the fact that Muslims follow strict behavioral and dietary restrictions , and are required to pray five times a day , individuals who practice Islam are often considered barbaric . Today 's struggle for acceptance is based on misconceptions about Islam , negative feelings towards Muslims due to their Arab heritage , and a universal xenophobic attitude towards other religions . Just as Muhammad reached out to the

Jews and Christians to find common ground and was rejected , Muslims today are often disregarded by those who not wish to learn about a different way of life

Citizens of many countries have been wary of those from the Middle East since the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 . Suddenly , the Russians were no longer considered the most significant threat - everyone had a new villain to blame for the world 's constant upheaval . Every crisis involving the Middle East began to consume television news and the newss . Once , everyone knew the names of Russia 's leaders , but soon the warlords of the Middle East became a common for discussion - especially Quaddafi , Hussein and Bin Laden . While not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs , the two terms became interchangeable . The truth is that there are practicing Muslims of every race and have been since nearly the start of the religion in the year 630 . The Mongols arrived in Arabia from Siberia , Manchuria and Mongolia and many converted to Islam (though Genghis Khan did not convert Later , during Umayyad and Abbasid rule , the Muslim faith expanded to include individuals in countries far and wide . After the events of September 11 , 2001 , United States citizens were taught to fear anyone from the Middle East . Passengers on airplanes would cancel a flight rather than travel with an individual of Arab descent Arabs were subject to racial profiling and unreasonable detention . Because Arabs were so closely associated with Muslims , the violence on the part of people of Middle Eastern descent became a Muslim agenda to eliminate Westerners . It was only logical that non-Muslims would base their opinions of Islam on news reports and popular opinion

The first important misconception about Islam is that engaging in violence is part of the religion . On the contrary , Islam does not teach followers to resolve disputes with violence . Unfortunately , this is not the only misunderstanding about Islam . The most considerable misconception about Muslims is that they all hate the West and would kill Westerners at the first opportunity . Islam has rules about murder just as most religions do . Another misconception is the term jihad After 9 /11 , the word was used at every opening to mean that Muslims have a mission to kill non-Muslims . The truth is that the term jihad refers to a personal struggle and does not specifically require anyone to commit acts of violence . One can research the term online and...

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