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problem-solution essay

Problem-Solution Essay

Children are very innocent beings and do not really understand the concept of domestic violence . They do not deserve to be exposed or even experience to be a victim of domestic violence simply because of the fact that they have nothing to do with whatever problem married couples may be going through at the time . Still , studies show that 8 .8 million children witness domestic violence each year (Mother Jones Domestic Violence : The Numbers

Some people believe that domestic violence occurs only between married couples . However , in the United

States , by statute in all 50 states domestic violence is child , sibling , spousal , intimate partner , and elder abuse (Davis 9 . Everyone can experience domestic violence but the most reported cases are those that involve females and children which is why people get the notion that domestic violence only refers to female and children abuse . There are several reasons why such kind of violence occurs and this includes a high level of conflict and stress in the family male dominance and the view that women and children are men 's property displays of violence on television and in other media alcohol and drug abuse and denying the existence of physical violence or sexual abuse (Edlin Golanty 495-496 . In actuality , domestic violence should not be accepted and tolerated just because people found these causes . People should not have any reason ' or excuse to abuse someone physically , verbally , mentally , or emotionally

The most probable solution for domestic violence is to let people...

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