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pro and cons of immigration

Pros and Cons of Immigration

America is a country of immigrants . The immigration problem has become a matter of big concern today for the United States , as well as the rest of the world . Earth 's rate , resulting unequal distribution of people between different regions . Generally the fastest population growth is occurring in the under developed countries , the slowest growth in the developed countries . The human population of the earth is characterized by high and low pressure areas , and one expects an unavoidable current of migration from one zone to the other

. But the actual migration is governed by economic costs , political barriers , ethnic attitudes , and limited horizons (Benjamin Munn Ziegler , 1953 . Immigration in the U .S is a major issue . Thus the present focuses on a debate over immigration , its policies , benefits and confines

A debate on immigration provides useful insights into beliefs about how immigrants are beneficial or unsafe to U .S . society , referring to the national poll data that are included for the 1980-1990 decade (Susan H 1993 . The followers of current immigration levels include corporate interests that profit from cheap foreign labor , ethnic lobbies seeking to increase their political base , and religious activists humanitarians , and civil libertarians who focus on human rights and other ethical concerns . The opponents include natives who view immigrants as a threat to American culture , environmentalists who fear immigration-fueled population growth . Immigration reform expanding the number of legal immigrants and blocking access to the country by illegal immigrants is a major political issue . President Bush has historically supported a guest worker program . Business wants access to a larger pool of cheap labor Americans fear illegal immigration destroys the nation 's integrity . Opponents believe that the President 's immigration reform ideas treat immigrants merely as lower-class laborers paid minimal wages , to enable corporations to increase profits . They object that Bush proposals don 't provide plans for their lives , their families and their health and welfare . The current U .S . immigration policy in effect enforces the law only against those who obey it . The INS bureaucracy still grinds through its rituals . But meanwhile the U .S . has lost control of its bs (Peter Brimelow , 1992 . American sociologist maintains that cultural pluralism has been one of the factors which have made the United States great . But the opponents view widely held that immigrants in the United States have been directly responsible for many of our ills ranging from those of crime to those of the low standard of living , low wages , disease etc (Benjamin Munn Ziegler , 1953

Past research scrutinized the fiscal impacts of immigration on public services and focuses largely on federal and state programs . Currently local governments have varying responsibilities for demand-responsive programs such as education , health , and social welfare services , areas traditionally seen as strongly affected by immigration ( General Accounting Office , 1994 . A compounding factor facing local government decision makers is their lack of control over the number of immigrants settling within their jurisdiction (Basch , 1983 . It is stated that the...

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