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Paper Topic:

prevention of teen pregnancy

: Prevention of teen pregnancy

Specifications : 3 Pages , 4 Sources , APA Style

: language 1 . Explain the level of prevention with teen pregnancy (can choose your own level out of the three levels

Teenage pregnancy has been a major problem not only in the developed world but also recently in the developing nations . In the US and Canada , due to the increased awareness amongst teenagers , the prevalence of teenage pregnancies is decreasing . However , in several developing nations , the incidence of teenage pregnancies is on the rise . In the year 1999 , it was

found that about 97 teenagers out of every 1000 between the ages of 15 to 19 years were pregnant and about 80 of them were not desired . Before the age of 18 years , 80 of the teenage girls have sex . The age of menarche has also dropped to 12 to 13 years (Weiss , 2000

Teenage pregnancies may not be intended for social reasons but due to other including medical and psychological . The chances of the girl to have a miscarriage , abortion , stillborn baby , etc , are reasonable higher . These girls are usually the ones who belong to the lower socioeconomic groups and the chances of living in poverty are realistically higher . The financial burden on the woman would also increase , as she would now have to leave her studies and pick up some job in to support her child . Children born from a teen mother are frequently underweight and are at a high risk of developing health problems . Due to a number of causes , it is always that teenage pregnancies are prevented

There are three different levels of prevention when it comes to teenage pregnancies . These include primary prevention , secondary prevention and tertiary prevention . Primary prevention includes measures to prevent pregnancies through physical or other methods . These include use of contraceptive pills , condoms , etc . This helps to reduce minimize the risk of getting pregnant . Secondary prevention includes checkups scans , etc , to ensure that the girl does not get pregnant . This is usually followed if primary prevention is not enabled . Tertiary prevention of includes taking measures to prevent any further pregnancies after one has already occurred in the teenage girls . The best level of prevention would be primary prevention (Connelly Inui 2004 2 . How might this specific level of prevention be addressed in a community experiencing an increase in family violence

There are several measures which need to be adopted for primary prevention of teenage pregnancies . These include health education , sex education , school and college based programs , health services , use of condoms , use of contraceptives (birth control pills , etc

In the teen pregnancy prevention program several people belonging to the community should be involved including the teenagers , parents teachers , legislatures , administrators , professionals , media , medical professionals , School authorities , etc . It is important that the entire community be involved in the program , as teenage pregnancy is a multi-faceted issue . People are advised to develop responsible health attitudes , behavior and practices regarding teenage pregnancy . The program should be much more...

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