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present the gospel to hinduism

Due to the diversity and massive population of varied well grounded world religions Christians must have a deep understanding and experience not only on Christian teachings and traditions but also sufficient knowledge of the other world religions in to carry out the great commissioning of Christ . Hinduism is one of the largest denominations with an estimated world wide population of 800-820 million most of whom stay in India . The truth that Jesus Christ was a revelation to mankind a sacrifice by God of his own son for the salvation of mankind should be

br presented to the Hindus . Jesus had a divine nature evidenced by varied biblical prophesies in both the old and the new testaments

Jesus testified that there was only one God who was divine and the creator of the universe . Our God is holly and sin has separated man from God making him its slave (James 1 :15 , 1Peter 2 :22 , John 8 :34 . Jesus came to cleanse the sins of mankind (1John 1 :7 , 1Pe 4 :1 , John 1 :29 . In Christianity , sin is acting in deviation from the will of God as defined in the bible . The Hindu religion has no clearly defined doctrine of sin Harold (2003 . Sin originated from the disobedience of man , when Adam disobeyed God (Rom 5 :14 ,1Co 15 :22 , furthermore God is , transcendent personal and holy against whom all mankind have sinned and are guilty needing salvation

Unlike the Hindu belief that sin is not a defiance of God but a betrayal of self , hence one can attain salvation through self purification Christ teaches us that no one can attain salvation through personal effort , but salvation is a Gift from God brought to us by Jesus through the Holy Spirit (Luke 1 :77 , Rev 12 :10 , 2Ti 2 :10 . This is the foundation of Good news , news that salvation can be obtained free of charge by believing in the saving power of Jesus , the son of God . Man sinned against God through wilful disobedience , but Christ took the punishment upon himself for the redemption of mankind

Salvation is founded on love . The bible says that God loved mankind hence made the affectionate decision to sacrifice his only begotten son for mankind to obtain salvation ( Joh 3 :16 , Rom 8 :39 . The Bhagavad Gita teaches the concept of love , by asserting that , one can attain salvation through loving devotion and self surrender to a personal God (Bhagavad Gita , 18 :62 , 65 , 66 . In Jnana yoga , salvation is obtained through ones own contemplation on the divine . Jesus understood that no man however righteous could attain salvation through deeds but grace (Joh 1 :16 Joh 1 :17 Rom 3 :24 . One could only be saved through love sacrifice and merciful redemption by God

The salvation of mankind required a blameless sacrifice . Jesus who was the beloved son of God was without sin . This was made possible through incarnation when God became flesh , was born and lived amongst us so that he could...

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