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how to prepare a favorite dish?

Serving a Favorite Dish : Vegetarian Lasagne

A Process Analysis Essay


It is normal for us humans to elevate what we do into a higher plane For example , it is said that we do not just exist we live . Or , it is also often said that we do not just eat or feed we dine . Even in the way we cook or prepare our meals , we elevate it in the realm of art - i .e , a particularly masterful way of doing things . In many ways therefore , Culinary Arts transforms the otherwise

ordinary process of food preparation from being simply an activity , into an engaging experience marked by beauty , dignity and refinement . Serving favorite dishes therefore requires a patient encounter with the entire process of food preparation . It may be insightful to cite a particular example . For this , the preparation of Vegetarian Lasagne shall be demonstrated .Preparing Vegetarian Lasagne

Food preparation usually undergoes three distinct but related stages pre-cooking preparation , the cooking itself , and serving . Each stage requires careful attention as it may affect the quality of the final output . Along the same vein , it must be said that , in preparing Vegetarian Lasagne , one has to faithfully observe the same process

Before cooking , it is definitely required that an adequate preparation is made before one even starts to cook , so as not to compromise the quality of the food being prepared . In particular , one needs to prepare both the ingredients and the utensils which are to be used . Crucial also is the determination of the amount of serving for the dish since it would be unadvisable to prepare more than what is actually needed . For a single four-to-six-person serving of Vegetarian Lasagne , the following ingredient has to be secured : 200 grams of instant lasagna sheets , 200 grams of ricotta cheese , 250 grams of grated mozzarella cheese , 2 table spoons of oil , 1 large eggplant sliced into desired size , 125 grams of sliced mushrooms , 1 grated carrot , 1 grated zucchini or courgette , 500 grams of pasta sauce that comes with 140 grams of tomato paste , 1 cup of water and at least 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley , preferably fresh (Pasta Dishes 24 . If desired , a ? cup of red wine can accentuate the flavor of the food as well . In addition , the following utensils have to also be prepared : an oven , 2 large pans , ovenproof glassware or any presentable pan for the finished product , and 2 spatulas

One must remember that only when these things have been prepared can he or she proceed with the cooking process . It may help to note that Vegetarian Lasagne requires four different stages , which may be done one after another so as to avoid multitasking . First , one needs to prepare the stuffing for the lasagna . To do this , one needs to have a large pan to heat oil , add eggplant , mushrooms , carrot and zucchini , to be cooked for about 2-3 minutes . Thereafter , one puts the pasta sauce and tomato paste , water , red wine and some of...

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