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I prefer a product well know i.e. guiness, nokia etc


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May 1 , 2009

Executive summary

The Nokia corporation vision is to have a world where all people can be connected , and they have increased mobile subscriptions which they expect to hit 4 billion by end of 2009 , but their strategy is not all about the convergence of internet and mobile technologies and growth but also involve conducting business in a way beneficial to environment people and communities , hence its aiming to responsibly do business

and work to attain environmental sustainability . Its also targeting to increase accessibility to communications to make positive contributions to societies through connecting people with new opportunities , hence it 's investing in research in developing countries to comprehend better opportunities and it also views environmental responsibility as opportunities rather than constraints to make sustainable decisions and reduce adverse environmental impacts of its products and be efficient in energy use (Batra , 1990

Nokia held an innovation summit in April 2007 , to discuss accessibility and examine their future plans in the context of the US ageing populations , and also is attempting to understand accessibility challenges i .e . sensory , physical , and cognitive , and value of solutions in poorer economies which brought together international stakeholders experts and Nokia employees where they emphasized on moving beyond mere meeting the special group needs to turning accessibility into business advantage since improved accessibility enhance general usability of Nokia services /products

Design Sustainability

Nokia takes a humanistic approach in designing mobile...

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