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poverty in Egypt






Poverty in Egypt

Egypt lies on the north east corner of the African continent . It has a population of about 81 million . The GDP per capita is 5 ,400 and the population living below the poverty line is 20 . This significant number of the population is struggling while the nation is attaining 7 growth figures . The leadership has been unable to ensure that the gains made in the economy trickle down to the worst affected in society by poverty . By international benchmarks the

living standards of Egypt are low and have been declining since the 1990 's . The gap between the rich and the poor has been growing daily and mansions exist side by side with the slums . A survey in 1998 captured the situation succinctly the richest 20 of the nation controlled 39 of the country 's wealth . The poorest 20 owned 9 .8 of the wealth . This discrepancy has led to social disquiet and discontent (Hassanin ,

. I999

The main causes of poverty are the unequal distribution of resources . The main resources are in the hands of the rich people . Lack of access to finance means that the majority cannot borrow loans to develop their productive capacity . They are caught up in the vicious circle of poverty and to break free will require interventions of massive proportions . Geographically , the north of the country is wealthier than the south and a lot of the economic activity is carried out in the northern hemisphere . As a consequence rural urban migration has exacerbated the problems in towns . In the 1990 's the government introduced IMF structural adjustment reforms that impacted negatively on the rural and urban poor (Hassanin , 1999 ) Over time the quality of social services has declined . And educational and medical services are the most hit . International partners and monetary bodies have force the government to lift subsidies on essential good that has worsened the plight of the middle and low income classes

In reaction to the increasingly difficult situation the government set up the Social Fund for Development . This body was formed to train retrenched workers to enable them to earn a living . Back in 2004 the government reintroduced vouchers for foodstuffs as poverty levels reached new highs

To arrest the poverty situation the government adopted a poverty reduction plan that runs until 2017 with emphasis on unemployment social development , and economic growth , dealing with the causes of poverty and promoting equality . The plan placed emphasis on the vulnerable sectors of society that is the women , children and the elderly . By partnering with civil society and NGO 's the government is in a better position to deliver services to the most needy in society . A major proportion of the poor are uneducated or illiterate and work mainly as casual laborers . Women are hard hit by poverty and their full potential is not being met . In other instances the women folk have become the head of the households as the men die in the numerous...

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