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police officer job


Job of a Police Officer




Police officers are known to be the protectors of the citizenry and bestowed upon them are certain essential duties and functions . According to the West Virginia Code , it is their mission to enforce criminal and traffic laws with emphasis on providing basic enforcement and citizen protection from criminal depredation throughout the state and maintaining the safety of the state 's public streets , roads and highways (West Virginia State

Police . In addition to this , they are required to enforce laws and ordinances , regulate traffic , control crowds , prevent crime , and arrest violators ' in areas assigned to them (O NET

It can be noticed that police officers are the main actors that preserves public safety and ensure that peace and exists in a community . They are involved in monitoring and implementation of laws and regulations applicable to the territory they are assigned to Therefore , it is essential that they have the knowledge on related laws and criminology theories and application (O NET

It is also important for police officers to be able to act accordingly and they are considered as a public figure in the community . It is important for them to live by the saying practice what you preach for they are the prime implementers of the law . It is their duty to be a role model and gain the trust of the people within their area

Moreover , they also have jurisdiction over rule-breakers living outside their territory as long as the violation is made within their area of responsibility . Also , they are involved with responding to emergency cases and in rescue operations . They are also needed during investigation operations on crime cases , which require them to have the knowledge in crime investigation

The job of a patrol officer plays an important contributory factor in the discipline , peace , and in the community . Without it , there might be lesser discipline within the area

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