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Social Networking Sites such as Twitter , Face Book and My Space has been emerging as efficient tools for Public Relations . With the dawn of new instruments like this , the traditional way of doing PR seems to be irrelevant , and so are the pros behind it - the PR Agencies . But this is not completely true . Experts will always be experts . They know how to properly execute PR . The agencies just have to learn to adapt to the changes and explore the new avenues being offered . This would be one of the ways

to fight extinction . Later on the two seemingly opposing ideas could work hand in hand to push the new face of PR further

There were two basic concepts that were tackled in the discussion - Purpose of PR Agencies and the evolving existence of social networking sites . Which one does the work of public relations better ? Is the latter a threat to the business of PR Companies ? Are they each other 's enemy or a companion that could further endeavors

As the name implies , Public Relations (PR ) needs a good relationship with the public to fulfill image enhancement of a brand /entity . During the course of the discussion , advertising was distinguished from PR by defining the former as something that entails conscious effort from the brand or advertiser to promote while the latter lets the others - the consumers or public - do the talking (Shankman 2009 . This is why the panelists suggest that PR practitioners find mediums where everyone including...

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