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Example of Phytochemical and Its Positive and Negative Effects

Phytochemicals are also known as nutraceuticals , which falls under one of the two categories of the functional foods . These phytochemicals are those that could be found from the plant chemicals . They are very abundant in terms of quantity . However , different from the essential nutrients , which are very necessary to life , these phytochemicals are not really necessary yet it helps

the body to promote best possible health condition by preventing the occurrences of chronic and severe diseases and illnesses

The phytochemicals could only be exclusively found in plants . These are the sugars , fibers , and other vitamins and minerals that could be found in plants . Though in the previous years , these chemicals are known of no function in the human body , later , in the field of medicine , there are scientists who discovered that these phytochemicals are biologically performing functions in the human body and system . Some of these chemicals act as anti-oxidant to prevent the fast aging of an individual . Other phytochemicals enhance the immune system or become an alternative enzyme in the body

Examples of these phytochemicals are lutein , isoflavones , allyl sulfide , lignans , flavonoids , and carotenoids . Also , another one example of phytochemicals is the beta-carotene

This is a form of Vitamin A yet is being considered as phytochemical This could be found in carrots , pumpkin , sweet potatoes , squash , and other green leafy vegetables . Not only in vegetables , but beta-carotene could also be found in mango . It is the one that gives color to the fruits and vegetables . In case of the carrot , it gives its color orange same with the squash by which it gives color yellow . Also , in the mango it gives color yellow or green

Further , it is a kind of pigment under the carotene from of carotene which is very important in the occurrence of photosynthesis

It was said to be a cancer preventive chemical from plants specifically lung cancer . However , it was disagreed by the studies in the previous years stated that taking supplements of beta carotene increased the risk of lung cancer . However , during 2004 , a study was conducted by an international team which proved that beta carotene has noting to do with the increase of risk of lung cancer

Meanwhile , beta carotene is still considered as one source of Vitamin A in the body . It protects the cell from being damaged from the outside internal environment in the body . And since it protects the cell from wrecks inside the body , it acts as anti-oxidant and anti-aging chemical since the cells in the body could communicate and perform its function well because of the protection of the beta carotene . It enhances and helps the immune system to function well . And because it promotes proper communication of the cells in the body , it prevents the shrinking or the swelling of the cell that could cause cancer...

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