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physiological differences between children and adults

Children and adults are different - this is a well-known fact Experience , behavior , thinking , emotions and feelings , demands and needs - almost everything , in every single aspect of life is different in children and adult people . But the most important and obvious difference is biological . Body of a child and body of an adult are built by the same principle , but only in general . In fact , there are plenty of details in anatomical structure and functioning of the organism of a child that differ more or less comparing with the organism of an adult p

Physiological differences are at maximum when adult is compared to a newborn child . As a child grows , number of differences decreases and remaining differences tend to become less intensive . So , for example adolescent human differs from an adult much less than six-year old child

Concerning physical activity during training session most important physiological differences between children and adults are differences in structure and functioning of cardiovascular and respiratory systems These differences are caused by immaturity of above mentioned systems of child 's organism and entirely different demands that are made to said systems by overall level of activity and metabolism of a child

Concerning structure and functioning of the respiratory system , children have lower tidal volume (because of smaller size of their lungs , and as a mechanism of compensation breathing frequency of children is higher than of adults . Also children have smaller amount of dead space (regions that serve only for air transportation and take no part...

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