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physics question

Physics Question

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Experiment 8


Advance study assignment T1

Pg 117 (attachment 1

State the three empirical rules use to describe friction

These are the three empirical Laws of Friction

1 . The force of friction is directly proportional to the applied load

2 . The force of friction is independent of the apparent area of contact .3 . Kinetic friction is independent of the sliding velocity (Pree 159-185

p What is the normal force and why is it used instead of the load ?s and ?k Which is generally greater

It is a dimensionless quantity used to calculate the force of friction between the two bodies and the force pressing them together ?s

It is the coefficient for Static friction which is the force between two bodies that are not moving relative to each other ?k

It is the coefficient of Kinetic friction which occurs when two bodies are moving relative to each other

Coefficient of Kinetic friction is usually less than the coefficient of static friction (Pree 159-185 Experiment 6

Projectile Motion

The Ballistic Pendulum

Pg 91 (attachment 3

In determining the magnitude of the initial velocity of the ballistic pendulum projectile , what conservational laws are involved and in which parts of the procedure

Law of Conservation of momentum is involved which is conserved in the collision . it is only used after the collision , in when the combined masses moves upwards as the gravitational potential energy is conserved

Why is it justified to say that momentum in the horizontal direction is conserved over the collision interval ? Is momentum conserved before and after the collision ? Explain

When the bullet hits the pendulum it absorbs the energy of the bullet and moves with the new velocity , although some energy is lost as heat and sound still the Momentum is conserved in the collision

Is the center of mass of the pendulum-ball system at the center of the ball ? If not where and how is the center of mass located

The center of the mass of the pendulum -ball systems is at the center of the ball

Experiment 6 ( Continued

B Determination of the Initial Velocity Of a projectile from Range Fall measurements

Pg 92 (Attachment 4

After the horizontal projectile leaves the gun , what are the accelerations in the x and y directions

Using the formula we have come to know that the

Acceleration in x direction ax 0

Acceleration in y direction

ay 9 .81 m /s2 (y axis down

ay -9 .81 m /s2 (y axis up

How is the location where the ball strikes the floor determined

Using these two formulas the location where the ball would strike the ground can be determined

X VoXt

t ?2h /g

Where X is the range (location distance from the launch of the ball

Besides the range what else is needed to determine the magnitude of the initial velocity of the ball


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