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physician-assisted suicide

Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician-assisted suicide is a method by which a terminally ill patient meeting the criteria set by the `Death with Dignity Law ' and wishing to terminate one 's life gets a prescription for lethal medicines from a physician . This is done upon the patient 's request and the patient ultimately administers the lethal medication . Physician-Assisted suicide , also abbreviated as PAS , is legal in Oregon and according to the Oregon law patients who have an incurable disease and will not survive for more than 6 months can get a physician 's

prescription of lethal doses . This step has relieved the suffering of many and has allowed them to die in a dignified manner . PAS is becoming popular becoming amongst both patients and physicians . This is indicated by the fact that 129 people chose physician assisted suicide from 1998 to 2002 A survey of physicians (Manning , 2002 ) conducted in Washington found that 50 of the respondents consider PAS as ethically justified in certain cases and 40 would be willing to help the patient commit suicide . A survey by Maschettus Medical Society found that 43 of the physicians favored legalizing PAS and 54 said that if the actions were legal , they would consider indulging in it . Even in Michigan , 56 of the physicians surveyed wanted PAS to be legalized . This shows that PAS should be legalized in all states and the arguments for this are stated below in the

Physician is the Best Person to Consult

Physician Assisted Suicide is...

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