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Commentary on Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche , Chpt . II :25



Nietzsche begins section 25 , chapter two of Beyond Good and Evil to beware of suffering for the truths sake (Nietzsche , 1966 /1886 . He continues by expressing his distaste for the martyr . This is particularly true , should I dare use the word , when it comes to martyrs who have sacrificed themselves for some ultimate truth . Nietzsche needs at this point to come forth with his philosophy , to speak his mind directly and

not through the derogation of those who attest to what he seems to detest

Nietzsche needs to answer the question , is there an ultimate truth at all ' By dealing with the issue through the adherents to an ultimate truth he seems to be skirting around his own responsibility to answer the question . He seems to be saying that those who profess so strongly in a truth are worse than fools . The section was set up by an ode to foolishness and ignorance in section 24 . Is this what he means ? Are those who believe strong enough to die for a conviction ignorant ? It seems to be the case

The stage is set for this enigma to be dealt with . If there were an ultimate truth the assuredly it would be worth dying for . But as there is not truth , there is no perfect moral right and wrong , there can be nothing so sacred , so beautiful , so perfect an idea...

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