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persuasive speech on why you should vote

In 2001 , Secretary of State Sam Reed launched a program that encourages young people to vote . Dubbed as "Take Pride in America and Vote " the program included a tour through five Washington schools . Mr . Reed says that young citizens should remember that they are fortunate enough to enjoy true freedom and democracy , and that they should remember their privileges and exercise their voting right (A Case for . 2001

The program was created by Reed as a response to the low turnout of young people in the 2000 election . Secretary Reed laments that with

br greater participation , Washington 's young people could have made a difference (A Case for . 2001

More than Numbers

Stephen J . Dubner and Steven D . Levitt writes that the odds that your vote will affect the outcome of any election is very slim . Dubner and Levitt then asks "why bother to vote " adding that voting is a waste of time

Fortunately , a New York Times Magazine informal poll shows that 48 of respondents disagree with Dubner and Levitt , while only 14 agreed that voting is a waste of time . The other 38 thinks it 's sometimes a waste and sometimes it 's not

Rightly so

Ulysses Currie writes that the voting process is the "heart and soul of representative government . It is through voting that one can make their voice heard . Currie also puts in statistics that makes the saying every vote counts literally true . Currie cites JFK 's winning the presidency by an equivalent of just one vote per precint , as well as a lot of state and local elections that have been determined by one vote (Currie , 2006

Daily Lobo 's editorial during the 2001 New Mexico mayoralty elections says that if one doesn 't vote , one loses the right to complain and ignores one of the most substantial civil liberties one should enjoy The New York Times published a letter to the editor noting the same The letter-writer , Max Greis , writes that people who have no participation in the political system , or those who don 't vote , condemn themselves to living under a bad government . Greis argues that the only way to get quality people as leaders is to vote for them (Greis , 2001

Let 's veer away from the guilt-inducing propaganda that expounds on your duty as an American citizen to vote . Let 's try and put some obscure and hard-to-define concept like patriotism and nationalism to rest . Let 's not compare our liberties to those of some far-flung country where citizens take to the streets just so they could be heard . Let 's focus on the facts . The very foundation of our democracy lies in it being a government by the people , for the people and of the people The only way to achieve that is through voting . Currie is right , each vote counts . Each vote carries with it our voices . Each vote would determine what you as a citizen wants for himself , his community and his country . And for most of us...

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