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persuasive essay on dogs





Mutt Dogs : Are they Any Different

The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you , he will make a fool of himself too

-Samuel Butler , British writer , painter , and musician Dogs are differentiated from the rest of the animal kingdom for they are mammals that have been around for a long time

and have been recorded to be the first one accepted in the homes as domesticated animals (Bodner . The coexistence of man and dogs has been recorded to be 14 ,000 years already and has evidence casted in fossils and other artifacts (Bodner . It is thus , of much speculation , why dogs have been treated differently from human beings and why they have been treated with regard to the breed they belong to

Times have changed , rust have probably taken over these set of words but it is still worth stating : A dog is , indeed , the man 's best friend Historical artifacts tell us that there are a lot of tasks that the man and dog can do together

Dogs have been used to hunt for food , herd animals , guard livestock and property , destroy rats and other vermin , pull carts and sleds , perform rescues , and apprehend lawbreakers . They have been used during wartime as sentinels and message carriers . Today trained dogs are used to alert deaf people to common household sounds , such as the ringing telephone or doorbell guide the blind or retrieve objects for quadriplegics Perhaps the most common of the many roles served by the domestic dog however , is that of companion (Bodner

From the foregoing paragraph , the importance of the role that dogs play in the everyday life of human beings was given light . In the past , they help people look for food and they can also be trained to protect the livelihood . They can also help with activities related to security taking advantage of their strong sense of smell . This is exemplified by the presence of dogs in selected commercial establishments such as malls and is also present in airports . In addition to this , they have been used to send messages during dangerous times such as wars when technological advancements in the field of communication have not yet been invented . In the present times , dogs serve as the companion of people . Studies show that dogs could be therapeutic especially for those with ailments for the mere sight of them brings joy and calmness . The positive thoughts they bring with every trick or move they make is simply priceless for the proud owners

Above all this , we can already conclude that the world of dogs is a world of great optimism . They are owned by people , they get shelter they get fed , and they get to do what they want . However , as one digs deeper...

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