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A persuasive/Argumentative essay :Arguing against using animals in a circus or in other animal performances such as at Sea world.

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xx July 2008

Animals in the Circus

The animal rights movement is one that has caught up on the interest of people from everywhere in the world . It is concerned with affording rights to animals and protecting them from human acts that tend to violate such rights . One issue that is common in animal rights discourse involves the use of animals in circuses and animal shows

For those who belong to the animal rights movement , and for all people who have a genuine concern for all animals , it

is not good for humans to use animals in entertainment shows because such act is equivalent to exploitation (Animal-rights .com . This position is basically moved by compassion and genuine concern over living beings even though they do not belong to the human species . Respect and compassion should not be afforded to human beings alone . There is no reason why there should be a difference between the treatment of humans from the treatment of nonhumans

In the first place , while humans and animals belong to different species , both are capable of feeling pain or pleasure (Animal-rights .com . Both could feel emotions like happiness , loneliness and kinship . Both could also feel thirst and hunger . Given these similarities , it follows that they should be accorded similar respect compassion and consideration . Furthermore , both should be kept away from suffering and pain . In this respect , animals should not be subjected to cruel treatment and to unnatural activities , such as jumping hoops or getting beaten just for the entertainment of humans

Second , even though humans and animals do belong to different species that fact alone does not automatically warrant and justify exploitation of animals through their use in entertainment shows (Animal-rights .com Indeed , discrimination against animals based on this difference is viewed negatively and is disdainfully termed speciesism

It should be noted that the rights of animals could be different from the rights of humans . Such difference could be attributed to the inherent difference between the two species . Nevertheless , it cannot be denied that both species have rights . Put differently , humans are bound by their intuition and sense of ethics to the duty to refrain from harming other living organisms

Animals that are forced to work in circuses and other places of entertainment ensure a lot of pain from whips , electric prods , collars and other tools designed to train animals . These are used to teach animals to do uncomfortable and unnatural activities such as jumping through rings of fire and balancing on balls . These practices inflict pain on animals , and are unethical (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Fourth , animals , like humans , have their own natural tendencies (Animal-rights .com . They have their own natural environment where they were originally meant to live and thrive . Respecting the rights of animals includes leaving them in their natural environment where they could grow and enjoy being the animals that they are

For example , certain marine animals require an environment that is composed of salt water and the...

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